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Welcome to the world of APRS Packaging Pvt. Ltd. A world that is creating imprints/footsteps in the world of printing for the future by incorporating the best of the brains and the best of the technology today.The corporate journey of Solar began in 2013 with a mission and a vision of pursuing excellence in printing and packaging industry. Over the year we have executed a bouquet of jobs, flawlessly and efficiently time and again.APRS prides itself on being a complete solution provider for a variety of needs and has opened a world of possibilities offered all under one roof. We provide entire range of print services ranging from Prepress to Printing to Finishing & Binding, using state of the art technology and solution from industry leaders.

Our Core Services are

Corporate Brochures, Product Catalogues, Calendars, Packaging Material, Danglers, Posters, Paper Bags.

Customized and Printing: - T shirt, Sublimation Mugs, Sipper Bottles, Key chains, Plastic Bottles, Frames, etc.

Printing Services: - Screen Printing, Sublimation Printing, Vinyl Printing, Offset printing, Poly Printing, Label Printing.

Online Business on Amazon, Flip kart, Pay tm, Lime Road, and our own Online Portal.

Importer of Sublimation items:- Sublimation Paper, Heat Press Vinyl’s, Printing Machines, Screen printing machines.


 Our Products

Customized Items

The making of

Customised Item

As Per Customer Requirement, We also Provide the customise Solutions